Inuka Luxury Products and Business Opportunity

Selling top quality Inuka Products and promoting the Business Opportunity


Our products are of the highest quality and affordable.

The INUKA network marketing structure, offers individuals the opportunity to share in the income and profits associated with sales volume. 

The INUKA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY is for any individual seeking to obtain financial independence to supplement, replace or exceed their current income.

Anyone can start their own business and share in our top-quality products, rewarding earnings and compensation plan.

The INUKA Compensation Plan rewards it's business entrepreneurs for selling products and for promoting the INUKA Business Opportunity .There is 6 Ways to earn and benefit.

The INUKA Business Opportunity requires no registration cost or major investment, other than the purchase of a Business Kit starting from as little as R600.


Inuka Business Owner and Distributor

I am Melanie King an Inuka Business Owner and Distributor. I began my journey with Inuka on the 7th January 2018.The purpose of this website is to share and sell the luxurious South African made Inuka products which are competitively priced and of superior quality . Being an Inuka Business Owner and Distributor gives me the privilege of sharing the business opportunity with others which translates to empowerment and job opportunities for many. The core values of the Inuka Business Opportunity is about empowerment and caring for it's members. This is clearly illustrated by their generous and lucrative compensation plan.I continue to explore this colourful,self exploring journey of financial freedom.The sky is my limit. 

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